Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

That question is complicated, and it depends on a number of things. Sometimes waiting to file is better. Other times it’s important not to wait too long, especially if you are being garnished. I can offer free SE Portland bankruptcy consultations, and can advise you whether to file for bankruptcy, and which type, might be in your best interest.

Impacts of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can provide immediate and substantial relief when your financial situation is challenged and you are unable to pay your debts. After a long period of stress and uncertainty, this relief can be significant.

A bankruptcy will appear on your credit for seven to ten years, depending on the type of filing. You are not able to file another bankruptcy to discharge debts for four to eight years afterward.

After bankruptcy, you will have the opportunity to rebuild your credit, but the fact of your bankruptcy will not disappear for some time. In addition, your ability to get credit or lease property may be affected. Since you will no longer be late on your bills, your credit scores can start to improve right after you file a bankruptcy